What Life Made Easier’s clients have to say

Thank you Alenka for “taking charge” of our packing in order for us to move out of our home. From the moment I met Alenka, I got the calm assurance that she ‘knows what she is doing’ and I could trust her to keep things organized.  Alenka is very knowledgeable about the challenges of moving.  A real professional, I would highly recommend Alenka if you want to take the stress out of one of the most stressful life events!!  Thank you very much!  
K. Chesney

Thanks to your company and the excellent service provided by your delightful LifeMadeEasier employees, our move went off without a hitch. We appreciated Doris and Carrie’s attention to detail and Tim made sure the walls and painted surfaces were like new!  
Our new home was ready and waiting for us, furniture in place and clothes hung up.   Our old house was neat, tidy and super clean.
We didn’t experience any anxious moments thanks to your staff’s upbeat and positive comments and their work ethic!
We have already, and will continue to, recommend Life Made Easier to our family and friends.
Thank you so much! Anne and Den Warne, Hamilton, ON

Earlier this year, we lost a very dear friend. His name was Frae. He was a fixture in his community, and possessed impeccable taste in home décor, furniture, and clothing. He had lived in his home, in Old North London, since 1965. Over the years, as a thoughtful collector of ephemera, fine furnishings, and other historical artefacts, he had amassed hundreds of interesting pieces. He had a profound love of his home and his collections. It was essential, that all these items, which were so much a part of his full and gracious life, be treated respectfully, properly catalogued and offered to collectors, antique merchants, and others, who would love the pieces, as Frae did.  Alenka, Tracy, Joelle and the Life Made Easier Team, came highly recommended by a trusted realtor.

Very early on, I realized just how valuable Alenka’s integrity, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and love of her work, would benefit our mission. Throughout the process of distributing Frae’s collections and staging his home for resale, Alenka and her team were respectful and very caring. They loved the history of the home, and conducted themselves in a thoroughly professional manner. My inquiries, as the process unfolded, were immediately answered. The entire process was transparent, and as a client, I was fully informed as to scheduling and projected costs. From the start, Alenka, and her team, put me at ease.

I do not often write reviews or testimonials. I am extremely grateful for the service, their caring and professionalism, that has been well above the call.   E. Anderson

The transitioning of our parents to a seniors’ residence was overwhelming until we enlisted the services of Life Made Easier. Every step of the process was supported by Alenka and her team. Every detail of the move including scheduling, packing and supervision was efficient, and most of all respectful.  Thank you we could not have done this without you.  Sheila

Life Made Easier has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. My husband was a great saver and after he passed l was at a total loss with having to deal with 50 years of his saving. Doris helped me with the massive amounts of items and sent a lot to benefit those in need.That was a good feeling.

When I sold our 50 year home and downsized to a condo she and her staff helped me with every aspect of moving, from packing and selling what was not needed. She provided me with a list of who I needed to inform and booked movers for me. Everyone she used was very professional.
Moving day was effortless and Doris even helped make my bed before she left. Doris and her staff were so professional yet friendly. They made me feel like we were all family. It was a wonderful experience  F.Neville (Oakville,ON)

The staff of Life Made Easier are patient and compassionate. They are an ‘extra hand’ at times when things become overwhelming. Extremely helpful, knowledgeable, honest, professional and hard working. 
Matt Young

We heard of Alenka the best way- word of mouth from friends we trust. My husband and I are in our mid eighties, he is wheel chair bound and I have  a pacemaker. The time came when it was apparent that we needed to simplify our living situation, a task we dreaded both for the physical and emotional toll it would take on us. So as we practiced due diligence her name emerged as the person we needed at this very critical time in our lives. We never made a better decision. We are pleased to express our appreciation of her and her team, and their excellent work at this critical period in our lives.  Shanthi and David Radcliffe

I simply couldn’t operate in my business and in my life without Alenka’s help. Alenka is the key to ensuring the important things are done to my standards. I trust her to take the time to research projects and to provide timely, clear and simple communications that I can digest easily in order to make decisions that I feel good about.  In addition to being my right hand on special projects, Alenka has been an integral part of my overall health and wellness plan.  She has helped me achieve weight loss goals and a balanced diet-goals that had proven to be elusive for several years before she came into my life. I am so grateful for Alenka and I have 100% confidence in her abilities to meet my needs…
Kimberley Clarke

Working with Alenka lets me expand my personal and professional capacity.  She’s an integral part of my team, and is trusted by my staff and family members.  Alenka manages projects that range from selecting and overseeing household staff members, to liaising with landscape architects on a six-figure job.  She has space planned and purchased furniture for my home, worked through estate matters after the death of a relative, and is someone I trust implicitly.  She’s discrete, intuitive, and a ton of fun to work with. …..
Tina Bax

My wife and I had been planning our big move from London On to Panama for several years. We were looking forward to the rest and relaxation that comes with retirement. The one big elephant in the room was the packing. We had lived in our house for 31 years and had accumulated a great deal of things over that time. Once we got our inventory down to a manageable level it had to be packed up for its journey in a container. Alenka had helped my daughter the year before make a seamless move to Amsterdam so it was an easy decision for us once again call on her services. She came over wrapped anything that was breakable and maneuvered around the jig saw puzzle that packing ones household into boxes is. She labeled and inventoried each box for customs to make this move a smooth and worry free experience. She set us up with a reliable moving company to transport our goods. We can not express how much help Alenka has been in making this stressful job an almost pleasant experience.

Would we use her services again? ABSOLUTELY.
The Newells

Alenka Manners – or “The Life Whisperer” as I started to call her – was instrumental in the re-location of our family from London to China.

When I first heard we were moving to China for my husband’s job I was excited then nervous then excited then panicky when I started to think about all of the “to do “lists that started sprinting up in my mind at random hours of the day and night. I also was going to be doing this solo as my husband had to fly ahead of us to start his new job leaving me, a house, two cats and 3 children to manage, organize and pack up.  I cried like a baby.
I had heard wonderful things about Alenka – how she helped friends finally get their boxes unpacked and organized after months of sitting in the basement following a cross country move, so I contacted her immediately and we set up a plan. The initial scope of job soon expanded to include everything from preparing our house for a move including organizing, sorting and disposing of years’ worth of boxes stored in our basement; identifying and organizing items that would stay and items that would go; creating systems to support the international movers; closing out of utility accounts and final bill payments; preparing itemized lists for clearing customs and ensuring all of the relevant paperwork was completed and filed (for the Chinese government – no small task); organizing and creating systems for work files for my personal business; reminding me of the regular daily operations of running a house and family such as picking up my children on time from camp; finding us an insurance company that would insure our house while it was leased to tenants while we were living in a different country; and even organizing the international move of our cat Nina. During the tears (mine not hers), the worry and the stress (again all mine – she was cool as a cucumber), Alenka was always calm, grounded and happy.  Her amazing energy saw me through – I literally don’t know what we would have done without her.  Oh wait a second – that’s right.  My cat would have ended up in Japan, I might have lost a child, I would still be paying my Rogers bill and half of our life belongings would be in limbo on a shipping dock waiting for proper paperwork.
We are still working with Alenka while we are away – she is managing our property and handling various administrative issues that cannot be managed from abroad.

She is brilliant…..
M. Phelan

I often brag about how much help Alenka’s company was with making my life easier. I appreciated being introduced to Life Made Easier and I couldn’t have managed the move without Alenka’s assistance. I will definitely use this service again…..
Mrs. N. Liley

I highly recommend Alenka. While assisting me she was entrusted with a lot of private and confidential information. She is professional and trustworthy. LIfe Made Easier allowed me to focus on my job and my family because I had more time and was less stressed. Now my office is well organized and de cluttered -something I could not have done myself. I look forward to the next occasion when I can work with Alenka again……
Dr. D. Bartley

Alenka and I have been working together for 3 years now. Life Made Easier has saved me a lot of time and reduced a great deal of my stress. Alenka is trustworthy and efficient and I value her opinion. She respects my privacy and has an excellent work ethic. The concept of a personal concierge suits my lifestyle and enables me to focus on my business and my personal/family life.
Peter Jordan

I have no idea how I managed before Alenka and Life Made Easier. As a busy executive, I travel hundreds of thousands of miles a year, so making the most of the time I have at home is very important to me. Alenka has helped me with everything from planning a vacation to co-ordinating a home renovation, and her eye for quality and understanding of my taste and requirements is excellent. I can’t even imagine being able to get everything done without her….
Maggie Fox

Alenka Manners was recommended to me by a trusted friend.  She dropped into my professional life at a time when I was overwhelmed with deadlines assaulting me from all directions.  Alenka brought calm, professional, organized assistance when I needed it most.  Since that time, she has helped on more than one large project, with outstanding outcomes.  Quite simply, I could not have achieved the goals set out without her by my side.  Today, more than a professional sidekick, I count Alenka as a trusted friend…..
Gabriella Catolino

I first met Alenka through a friend, Tina Bax, who had lent me her cottage. Not only did Alenka meet us there to open the cottage, she had fresh cut flowers for us and gave us a tour.  I immediately liked her style, and then found out that she did not even live in the area, but had driven up almost an hour just to set the cottage up. When I needed a new car, I thought of Alenka.  I knew I wanted a Mini Cooper but had never driven one. She researched and negotiated the whole deal for me, securing an excellent price. When I had the graphics for my new car applied, Alenka picked it up for me and had them repair a minor flaw before she left the lot with it–she noticed I needed gas and made a stop at the station before dropping the car off at my office .She has even shopped for gifts and arranged for airport transportation. Alenka is a pleasure to deal with and I have never had her say no to a request. With Alenka, my life really IS made easier!…..
Dr. A. Richard

When my Mom decided to move to a retirement residence, my brother and I were fully supportive, but concerned.  Neither of us live in Canada anymore and we were overwhelmed with the job in front of us. Mom needed to downsize, move from and sell her current home while preparing for a new lifestyle, all the while dealing with the limitations of ageing and all without our presence and help. Enter Alenka & Life Made Easier and our problem turned into her possibility.

Alenka worked patiently with my Mom to sort through memories and memorabilia, assisting her to confidently decide how to step into the next phase of her life. Alenka helped my Mom move to, decorate and furnish her new space, she arranged for the sale and donation of contents no longer needed,  helped us to find a realtor and stager for the property – and even dropped by to water plants and check up under the sale.  And all under a very tight timeline!  Alenka exceeded our hopes and expectations. She is professional, honest, conscientious, and trustworthy. We are all forever in her debt for making all of our lives easier.
W. Anderson

Our experience working with you was a very positive one. You are very kind & patient and you seem to truly love helping people. You helped get the job done efficiently and we truly believe we could not have done it without all of the help you provided. Many thanks.
P. Brown & P. Corcelli