Personal and Corporate Concierge

Personal Concierge with Life Made Easier is a specialized service that is actively involved in managing items on an individual’s to do list. The scope of services is broad-from running errands, coordinating travel plans to organizing office space or completing special projects. No request is too big or too small and most importantly we meet your specific needs whenever needed.

Clients who hire us tend to be busy professionals, entrepreneurs, seniors, exceedingly busy moms or dads. They want to make the most out of their time and a personal concierge is an affordable option-hence our tag line “Reclaim your Time”.
One call does it all!

Businesses offer personal concierge to their employees as a reward for a job well done, a gift OR part of the company’s benefit program
Consider Corporate Concierge Services – differentiate yourself from your competition by enhancing what your offer your employees in their benefits package.

When People find life to be hectic and they begin feeling overwhelmed, guilty, and tired and frazzled they call their personal concierge who steps in and ‘saves the day’.

Move Management

It’s a known fact and people say it all the time “moving is one of life’s top stressors”.
Whether you are moving within the same city, relocating due to a job promotion, downsizing because of a lifestyle choice, health concerns or death of a spouse, Alenka and her colleagues are masters at ensuring the process is less stressful because they relieve people of the burden and worry of having to manage it all on their own.
We live in a transient society and often family members are no longer close by to assist with the process. If you are thinking of moving and have no idea where to begin, contact us! We will arrange a visit to your home and alleviate your anxiety by explaining how we can help by developing a personalized itinerary outlining how and when the transition will take place.

Home and Office Organization

For many it’s a struggle to conquer the clutter that surrounds them. De-cluttering is identified as a priority for many but the reality is a lot of people run out of time or have very little desire and energy to tackle this project.
After a brief consult with Life Made Easier, we work on the affected area by clearing it out, design a system to improve the flow, create more free space, clean it up and re-integrate what you need, donating or discarding the rest. We love this kind of work and consider it tons of fun!