Being a personal concierge is an extremely rewarding and fulfilling career.

Being directly responsible for giving people true peace of mind, helping them to stay focused or to simply relax is gratifying. Whether it is regularly scheduled duties that removes any thought and worry from a client’s week, a well-structured downsize, or a last minute ‘cry for help’; I thrive on being able to accomplish all that is asked.

Recently, I was taken by surprise by the unexpected loss of a current client.

In the midst of our working relationship, one of my clients suddenly passed away. I had been looking forward to learning more about him and to helping him ease into his new home and then to make sure he was well settled. To suddenly lose someone in the midst of working with them has impacted me in a way I did not expect.

This experience has taught me where my joy comes from.

This experience highlighted to me that much of my work  joy comes from the relationships I have with beautiful people. They are much more than simply ‘clients’.  I truly delight in sharing a cup of tea while listening to heartwarming memories of family. Or sharing laughter over a glass of wine with long-time clients.

I love my work. 

While I will not have this opportunity with this particular person, I consider myself blessed that my work brought us together. I am grateful to have been able to meet this person when the paths of our life’s journeys intersected and to learn a little about him. And to have made, what were his final days, easier.