“Being responsible for my clientele and helping them achieve an improved sense of balance in their lives is a very worthwhile goal to me.”

The idea of my own Personal Concierge business was a direct result of the experiences I had in my previous professional career. I can relate to my clients who have so much to deal with and not enough time to do it all effectively.

I am passionate about – Customer Service, Hospitality, Planning and Spending Time with People. Informing and educating the people of London about the services I offer has been well received and I value the relationships I have made along the way.

Identifying areas of peoples’ lives that they need assistance with and actively doing things for them which will enable them to focus on their personal time is the foundation of Life Made Easier.

Need help reclaiming your time?  Contact Alenka

alenka@lifemadeeasier.ca or 519-719-8894

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